Anatomy of a virus

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Anatomy of a virus

When this is said and done we will have realized the true nature of the virus which is leading directly down the pathway to destruction of our civil society, free markets and individual liberties.

This virus was not grown in a bio-weapon lab any more than it emerged from an chance mutation in a Chinese food market. 

It started first in men’s hearts as it always does. Then cultured in the labs of academia – usually our finest institutions. Nurtured in the laboratory of compassion and coated with the veneer of expertise.

The moment eventually comes when the virus bursts forth into the world, driven to replicate its DNA at all costs – a single-minded lust for control of the host. From its point of view, the virus is a virtuous expression, intent on making the world a better place because it replaces that which is bad. Sounds rather psychopathic doesn’t it?

Yet most viruses are relatively harmless. But the worst are the especially virulent ones. They employ easy pathways to infect others and spread like wildfire when they find particularly weakened hosts.

Seemingly harmless at first, its victims unaware of its true intentions. That’s what cunning, parasitic viruses are built to do.

And then it begins.

First a mild, scratchy throat and we think it’s just an inconvenience. We go about our daily lives. After all, we’ve been conditioned to deal with minor annoyances and discomfort caused by these bugs.

Then a slight fever and we can sense something’s off. But what can we do – we have to go to work, run errands, take care of the kids. The virus is counting on us not taking action that could defeat it. It needs our distraction to do its dirty work.

The next day you wake up in the hospital with a tube punched through your throat because you can’t breathe without it. 

And here we are.

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